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Original Posture Brace Corrector

(9 customer reviews)

$59.95 $39.95

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This original posture brace corrector is a solution to your back pains and discomfort.

A clavicle brace designed to use with clavicle fractures, shoulder instability, sprains and fibromyalgia, resulting to an excellent posture.

If you have been suffering from pains in the neck and shoulder all the time, this is the simple and easy way to alleviate such pains.

  • Lightweight, comfortable, and provides a huge pulling back strength for shoulders;
  • Adjustable stick straps that allow chest circumference to optimal fit;
  • Made of high quality materials, extra-soft and breathable neoprene;
  • Can be worn comfortably under clothing all day without any inconvenience;
  • Easy to wear;
  • Effectively reduces back pain caused by bad posture; and
  • Helps your muscles and spine to put back into their natural alignment;

Condition — Brand New Product
Size — One Size
Material — Polyester and Leather
Gender — Unisex
Intended Use — Posture Corrector and Shoulder Support
Colour — Black
Type — Brace/Orthosis
Texture — Semi-Soft

9 reviews for Original Posture Brace Corrector

  1. Skyler P

    I am a yoga teacher and I’m investigating posture correctors as something to refer to my clients. This brace is excellent.

  2. J. Jaramillo


  3. Brian S

    I have had some reoccurring neck and upper left shoulder pain and I attributed that issue to sitting at my desk and slouching. After purchasing this product and wearing it daily for around 2 hours, the pain has subsided dramatically as the posture correctors unnoticeable improvement on how my shoulders align under my ears.

  4. Ella

    I have Scoliosis, bulging discs in my neck and a small hump that my husband is teasing me about. 🙁 It definitely helped with my posture and is pretty comfortable to wear. I kindly recommend this product.

  5. Judith

    I’ve noticed my posture becoming worse and worse the more hours I spend in front of my computer screen. I don’t have thoracic kyphosis, but I definitely enjoy using this to help remind myself to practice good posture!

  6. Green Pai

    I needed to keep my posture upright to help with back pain. The posture corrector is very helpful in providing support and tension to keep proper posture and alignment. It takes a bit to get used to as I’m not used to standing so straight but it is helping to alleviate

  7. Einar

    You can feel the difference in your posture the first time you put it on. I’ve only had it a bit over a week, so I can’t speak to long term improvement, but it does improve while you wear it.

  8. Jaide

    I started using the posture corrector for about 15 minutes a day, and have increased the number of minutes every week. I find that I am standing more upright without needing to remind myself, and I feel that certain muscles are stronger.

  9. vong fuk seng

    thank god that i found posture corrector, I had a major back pain for a long period of time. I found posture corrector and decided to purchased one of there product, I can’t believe this thing work so beautifully. thank you so much posture corrector. I think gonna buy another one this thing is so good. who ever come up with this idea is a legend seriously.

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