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Deluxe Posture Corrector

(11 customer reviews)

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This deluxe posture corrector is a solution to your back pains and discomfort. It is our ultimate posture corrector. If you can afford a little bit extra money when shopping for a posture corrector. This is the one you want. From the durable design, to the magnets and extra bracing. This has it all.

If you want a better posture, you will need to wear a great quality back brace like this. It is also suggested to be always mindful of your posture; by doing so while wearing our back brace, a significant improvement of your posture after a week or two will be observed.

This product will not only help you with you correcting your body posture, but will also keep you away from suffering neck and shoulder pains all the time. This is the simple and easy way to alleviate such pains.

  • Lightweight, comfortable, and provides a huge pulling back strength for shoulders;
  • Adjustable stick straps that allow chest circumference to optimal fit;
  • Made of high quality materials, extra-soft and breathable neoprene;
  • Can be worn comfortably under clothing all day without any inconvenience;
  • Easy to wear;
  • Effectively reduces back pain caused by bad posture; and
  • Helps your muscles and spine to put back into their natural alignment;


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Condition — Brand New Product
Size — *See Product Variations
Material — Neoprene, Elastic, Mesh Cloth, Velcro
Gender — Unisex
Intended Use — Posture Corrector
Colour — Available in Different Colours
Type — Brace/Orthosis

11 reviews for Deluxe Posture Corrector

  1. York A

    Since wearing this device I have managed to go without these other supplements to manage my pain as the position of my shoulders seems to be pinching a nerve when not in proper form. It takes some getting used to but if you give it a chance and make your muscles work properly it will work for you.

  2. Jay H

    Provides utmost support without being overly cumbersome. Highly recommended.

  3. Robert B

    Well after a long search I found this one and it works better than the past 10. I have tried, It is comfortable to wear unless you make it tight around the shoulders you should have no problem, It fits snug around your waist and it pulls your shoulders back to straighten your posture

  4. Madison

    I sit at a computer desk most of the day and this has been my saving grace! I highly recommend this item for people with posture issues or even one who simply needs a reminder to pull their shoulders back.

  5. Luna

    Works as expected, I’m happy with my purchase. Have used it for a week and I feel a lot of relief. I recommend it.

  6. Kellie L.

    Gave me relief of my right shoulder pain. Helps me study long hours.

  7. Eric S

    I saw a major difference after just two days of using it when I’m home and I didn’t realize how bad my posture was till I put it on. This product is very comfortable and easy to put on and the price is AMAZING!

  8. Diana

    This has been a true life saver for me! I’ve had spinal anesthesia and an epidural anesthesia with my two c-sections so my back has been killing me.

  9. Sam M

    I work all day at my computer and my back hurts by the end of the day. This clavicle support helps me keep my posture straight and helps reduce that lower and upper back pain.

  10. Miss J

    My physical therapist recommended exercises for my neck pain caused by poor posture. I ordered this brace, not expecting much from the picture. I was wrong. The brace corrected my posture and was comfortable without being too confining.

  11. Eric S.

    This brace is really good quality and durable. Highly recommend this for long sitters like me.

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